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I have been a customer for months, and they always have what I need and is shipped as soon as possible. I love this store, and never disappointed me, the products are awesome, they help me tremendously especially with the kind of work I do. Everytime I find something that helps me, something always happens. I have nothing but great things to say about jackbgoods....
- Cynthia H
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- LindaVW
I have ordered a few times from this company...they have had exactly what I'm looking for, and are always reliable! I love how I can track my shipments,so I know when to expect delivery. Thanks, Jackbgoods!
- Angela P
From the moment I clicked on the link until my package arrived (quickly and free of additional shipping fees), jackbgoods.com exceeded my expectations. The product was well packaged and in showroom shape when it arrived, the price was as good or better than any other site I checked, and it arrived exactly when they said it would arrive.
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6 Hour Sleep - The Revolution of Rest - Sleep Better Tonight - Take on Tomorrow

Sale 6 Hour Sleep - The Revolution of Rest - Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

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Product Code: 6-Hour-Sleep
Reward Points: 60
Availability: In Stock
$29.99 $23.99 Price in reward points: 1500

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6 Hour Sleep - The Revolution of Rest - Sleep Better Tonight - Zero Calories

Good Sleep is the Best Energy

Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

6 HOUR SLEEP is a drug-free, pure sleep supplement that provides you with the two essential components of good sleep: quality and quantity, so you can wake up alert, refreshed and bursting with natural energy that lasts all day.

Our mission is to reeducate people on the simple fact that sleep is energy. If you get enough restful sleep you will have all the
energy you need.

No matter what your schedule or how hectic your life, if you sleep better tonight, you can take on tomorrow.

1.93 fl oz (57ml) bottles
Packed 12 to a box.
Retail Shelf Display Box
Samples Available :  http://www.jackbgoods.com/6-hour-sleep-the-revolution-of-rest-get-to-sleep-and-stay-asleep-samples.html
Free Shipping for orders with a sub-total of $49 or more Site Wide

Click on the main image at the top of the page to view the photo gallary of the bottle label, suppliment facts and additional information.

Kristie321 on 08/30/2017
6 reviews
Very Good for mild Insomnia! - I have mild insomnia and need help to fall asleep. I tried Advil pm and Tylenol pm but they give me "restless legs" same does ZZquil! so i decided to try this and see how it went. I gotta admit, I love this Sleep GOODNESS! it helped me fall asleep right away but i did not wake up groggy or tired as i usually do. The mango yumminess is good too! lol.I would really highly recommend this to anyone with mild insomnia. Kristie321 – April 18, 2016:
Cruz Family on 08/30/2017
6 reviews
Worked, no groggy feeling in the morning. When these bottles arrived I thought they were so cool. They are just like the little energy drinks that you get at the gas station. I was really interested to see if they would work and if I would feel groggy in the morning. I have trouble sleeping at night as it is and have tried many types of sleep aids. Some I have had success with and others I have not. The first night I drank these I made a note to take them extra early so I would be able to notice if I felt sleepy. Sure enough about 20-30 minutes later I was ready for bed and could hardly keep my eyes open. I sleep good and was surprised to not feel groggy or a hung over effect in the morning. I struggle with sleep aids causing me to hardly being able to get up in the morning. I did not have this with the 6 Hour Sleep. Now that I know this product works for me I am happy to know I can grab it when I need it. - Cruz Family – May 13, 2016
Cecil H on 08/29/2017
6 reviews
I am a huge Jack B Goods fan. Period! I think they have the top brands at the most competitive prices. I've tried 6 Hour Sleep and I adore the fact that it is an all natural product. I was sceptical at first. However they won me over. I experienced a restful, peaceful nights sleep without the 'laboratory chemicals' my liver would have to contend with. 6 Hour Sleep lives up to its name, and then some.
Michael W on 07/05/2017
6 reviews
This formula is perfect! It does exactly what it is advertised to do, and more! The active ingredients kick in almost immediately after you consume the whole bottle, but after about 30 minutes...even if you weren't tired, you will be! My favorite part, however, is also the fact it is loaded with healthy vitamins as well! Because of this you can skip an extra snack or two after work and just drink one of these, giving you even more time to sleep! It's great!
Beth A on 03/08/2017
6 reviews
The 6 Hour Sleep is awesome! I have mild insomnia and was taking ambient but I ordered just a few bottles of the 6 Hour Sleep to try and it worked! Best sleep I've had in I can't remember when. I doesn't make you feel drugged out and you don't wake up with a sleep hangover. If you have trouble sleeping, I would seriously suggest trying this product.

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