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DreamWeaver Fiber Firm 6 99% Waveless Waterbed Replacement Mattress

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DreamWeaver Fiber Firm 6 99% Waveless Waterbed Replacement Mattress


Fiber Firm 6 - 9 Layers of fiber wave inhibitor floats at the top of the mattress. This provides for a no motion super firm sleeping surface with immidiate surface and edge support.

Exclusive patented 3D-Lap™ seam construction.  A time-proven dimension in quality and strength. Because vinyl has a "memory”, seams which are welded flat want to remain flat. Some of our competitors would like you to believe that the best place to put the weld is directly on the lower edge of the mattress. (Sometimes called the L-corner or bottom seam mattress).  Unfortunately, this practice causes the water pressure to bend the weld, attempting to force it into the lower edge of the frame; eventually, the stresses and strains will cause it to weaken.

Our 3D-Lap seams are on the sides of the mattress where they can be supported by the water pressure against the frame. The seams remain flat, the way vinyl wants to remain. Therefore, the stresses and strains are exerted on the welds area of maximum strength. Some competitive mattress designs tack on an extra piece of vinyl over the open corners, which doubles the welded area and shortens mattress life. However, our 3D-Lap seams, by simply seaming the open corners, require less  welding. Less welding means longer mattress life. Vinyl Products mattresses with the original 3D-Lap seam construction have enjoyed 3 decades of industry leadership. The more competitors try to come up with new seam "gimmicks" the more they prove the superiority of our time-tested seam design. 

The Flex-Test is a Vinyl Products exclusive. All the vinyl we buy is specially formulated to our specifications. Before we buy it we Flex-Test it in a special testing device. It must be many times stronger then the competition's vinyl, or we won't accept it. Choice of soft, firm or extra firm. Why should you settle for anything less than the best? 


We carry a complete line of waterbed mattresses made to the highest standards in the industry. We're the oldest  manufacturer in the industry.  We've got you 100% covered with innovative, Superior product quality and strong dealer support.



Featuring the Fiber Wave Reduction Matrix by DuPont.
The people that bring you
DuPont quality means better sleep.


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