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Lindon Farms - FAQ

Lindon Farms

Why Food Storage?

With the increase of various devastating disasters, the plummet of the global economy, and the rise in food prices, the urgency for food storage and emergency preparedness has dramatically increased. With all of the negative factors threatening everyone's well-being, there is a way to counteract these hazards and that is by being prepared. Everyone wonders how you can prepare for something as devastating as a natural disaster or an economic depression. One very simple way of being ready is by having an: 

  • - Emergency evacuation plan 
  • - 72-hour Kit 
  • - 6 months to a year food supply or more. 

Recently, the amount of natural disasters has risen dramatically. During the 1980s, there was an average of 120-140 natural disasters a year. In the last 20 years it has surged upwards by 400% to 500 natural disasters a year. With the rise of Natural Disasters, it only increases the likelihood that this could happen to you and urgency for every household to retain a sustainable amount of food storage.

Days before Hurricane Katrina hit, empty shelves at every store was a common story. The demand was so high for food but there wasn't enough time for stores to replenish their supply before the upcoming storm. In drastic situations like this, you can be reassured that you have enough ready made food to last you a lengthy amount of time. After a disaster, like the Japan earthquake in summer of 2011, large stores and roads were washed away or destroyed.

Reaching a store for more food supplies was nearly impossible. People only had what was in their house to rely on in the aftermath. For most people, the food available in their house wasn't much. In times of severe weather, a power outage can be common for days. When the power is out, there is no way to run a credit card or ATM machine which restricts your access to buying supplies. If you have food stored, a 72-Hour Kit, and an emergency plan you can be prepared for any situation. 

Since the beginning of the economic recession in December 2007 – present, 7.9 million jobs have been lost. Because of the financial instability, many families have had to rely on their food reserve to get them through the tough economic times. When you have a 6 month supply of food it offers a greater peace of mind knowing that you have a safety net to fall back on. If there is no money coming in during unemployment, the money usually used for food can instead be used for bills and other essentials. 

Food storage doesn't have to be used in an emergency. Even if there is no impeding danger you'll have an extra supply of food on hand, not only when needed but desired. On occasion when it's been a long day and you lack the energy to cook a meal for yourself or your family, or don't want to spend the money for eating out, there's always ready made meals that you just have to add water to. It's a simple solution to a common problem. Quick and easy meals are at your fingertips at any time. 

There are many outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to take pre-made dehydrated and freeze-dried meals, because of their compact size and light weight. With the removal of all moisture by dehydration and freeze-drying, it makes every package dramatically lighter and easier to pack on any excursion. You'll spend less time preparing and planning meals and more time doing the things you love. 

Despite all of these economic and environmental concerns, there is no reason to stress if you are prepared. Especially a 6 month supply of food can offer stability in times were there is so much instability. Having that reserve of food gives reassurance and peace of mind. Be prepared for anything. Make sure you have an emergency plan, 72-Hour Kit, and a food reserve.  Prepare Now.


Lindon Farms food Serving Chart

Shelf Life

Lindon Farms® freeze dried and dehydrated meals have a shelf life of up to 25 years if stored properly. To preserve your ready made meals, store them in a cool dry place, such as a basement, at room temperature or below. Avoid extreme temperatures as it may cause damage to the food. Also, it is best to keep it away from moisture and sunlight to guarantee it tasting delicious for years to come.

The buckets are designed to protect the Metalite™ foil pouches from damage, water, and pests. Once the seal on the bucket is broken it will not compromise the integrity of the food because the Metalite™ foil pouches themselves are what hold the shelf life of up to 25 years. When the Metalite® foil pouches are opened, they are resalable to keep your meals a little bit longer. Once they are opened, they have a shelf life of up to 3-6 months. 

Shelf Life Tips: 
1. Store it at room temperature or below. 
2. Avoid extremes in temperature. 
3. Keep it away from moisture and sunlight. 
The most important factors in long-term shelf life foods are: 
1. Ingredients: Are the ingredients suitable for long-term shelf life? For example: even in ideal storage conditions studies show almonds may only keep for 12-24 months before they turn rancid. 
2. Moisture Free: Is the product moisture free when packaged? 
3. Packaging: Packaging plays a crucial role in prolonging shelf life. Ideally packaging should provide an effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, light and insects. 
4. Oxygen Free: Is the product packaged with an appropriately sized oxygen absorber will continue to remove oxygen for years if used properly. Be wary of companies with extensive shelf-life claims where oxygen absorbers are not used. 
5. Storage conditions: a cool, dry location is ideal. Do your best to store your food storage items at or below room temperature.
*This information is relatively conservative and meant to be used as a guideline, but is not a guarantee. 
*Moisture Free – dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients can reach 97%+ moisture free status.

Metalite™ Packaging

What makes Lindon Farms® Metalite™ zip-seal pouches the best on the market? 

Lindon Farms® uses advanced Metalite™ pouches that were designed for packaging in the late 2000’s, compared to the outdated Mylar Foil packaging which was made in the early 1990’s. Lindon Farms® Metalite™ pouches are designed from a plastic component called polypropylene, which is designed specifically to preserve freshness and conceal odors. This film has an exceptional barrier to oxygen due to its higher density then that of Mylar Foil pouches. Flavors and aromas are better preserved and have an excellent water vapor barrier.

The zip-seal feature makes using Lindon Farms® meals easy to open and easy to store for future uses. Within each pouch Lindon Farms® places an oxygen absorber. The oxygen absorber assures that each and every one of our pouches is sealed airtight. Lindon Farms® Metalite™ zip-seal pouches have a 25-year shelf life when stored in a dry, cool environment. 

Key Features of Metalite™ Pouches: 

  • Zip-seal
  • Very high water and gas barrier
  • Good aroma and flavor protectors
  • Excellent metal adhesion
  • Vacuum deposited aluminum
  • Easy convertibility on both sides
  • Excellent puncture resistance
Let Lindon Farms® put your mind at ease with their Metalite™ zip-seal pouches!


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